Visitors from the USA

We just want to say a big, warm, thank you to Jamie Jenkins and all our friends from the United Methodist Church in Atlanta Georgia who came to visit us a few Sunday’s back. Rev. Nick Witham gave a wonderful service, we sang some rousing songs, with Stan hammering away happily on the piano, and then we all partook of communion together, here on the grounds of the first major UK Christian Open Air Camping Meeting- what a wonderfully experience. Afterwards we all headed downstairs into the hall to enjoy some lovely getting to know each other fellowship whilst munching down on strawberries, cream and birthday cake 😋😋😋
We very, very much enjoyed your visit and look forward in the future to welcoming many more groups who want to come and visit our historic church and get to know more about our wonderful heritage and how the Holy Spirit moved, and is moving again with power, up here on our hillside.
The following was written by Rev, Bill Britt of the Peachtree Road United Methodist Church:
I wanted to share with you my “Top 5 List” of things that happened during the last week on our Wesley Heritage Tour.
Yes, we visited the birthplace of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon, spent a relaxing afternoon in Jane Austin’s village of Bath, and had tea at Buckingham Palace, but the following count as my top experiences of the week:
1) Standing in the pulpit of “The New Room” in Bristol and envisioning 1,000 people gathered to hear John Wesley preach about the unconditional grace of God
2) Walking the well-manicured grounds of Christ Church College at Oxford University where the Wesley brothers were educated and ordained and where the “Holy Club” which led to the birth of Methodism was founded
3) Worshiping at Mow Cop Primitive Methodist Church. Though we outnumbered the members of this small church, they warmly welcomed us, shared their hymnals with us as we sang as John Wesley suggested, and joyfully shared with us the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Then, they invited us to their fellowship hall for English tea and strawberries and cream. It is a memory I will always cherish.
4) Praying quietly at the home of John Wesley in London and remembering his words just before he breathed his last: “The best of all is God is with us.”
5) However, without a doubt, the best experience of the week was hearing the Peachtree Road Chancel Choir sing in Westminster Abbey! Week-in and week-out, we are blessed to hear some of the best music in the world.
As you can see we made it into the top 5, coming even above tea at Buckingham Palace; maybe I should invite Queeny to afternoon Strawberries and Cream at our little chapel 😉😉 Again, thank you Rev Bill Britt for also making us feel so special by way of honoring our little chapel and our history. It was time spent we shall treasure, and it was great to get to talk American Football.
(A great big thank you to all the team who helped out at such a short notice; you all did a grand ole job. Proud of your spirit and commitment.)